Team Division

Team Division

Our full-service Team Division provides teams or organizations of all types and sizes with high quality products, industry competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. We believe strongly that our relationship with customers should be one of partnership building. This is achieved through the offering of programs and services designed to maximize your group benefits while minimizing volunteer workload. The more of your members that participate in our programs, the greater the benefits for your club and the stronger the partnership we can build together.


Team Ordering

Sylvia’s recognizes that various groups may have differing preferences for how their orders are submitted and/or processed based on the individual needs of members. We are more than happy to work with your group in assessing and establishing the best ordering process for your members. Here are a few of the most common ways we process orders:

Team fittings – For larger local teams, a fitting date can be established where we come to one central location to assist members in correct sizing as well as placing orders. This is typically available to USA teams and summer teams with 100+ members. To maximize service to your members, fitting dates and product selections are established months in advance. An order menu is provided to communicate product options and to facilitate on-site purchases or online ordering. Other than custom products, ideally all members will leave your team fitting with product in hand – This is a big contrast to other suppliers who don’t preorder for teams and instead only take orders at the fitting for later delivery. When we preorder for our teams it also helps protect against manufacturer back orders or sell-outs.

Bulk ordering – A team representative places an order either online, by email or by phone for the entire group; pays via credit card; then collects payment from members on their own. This is the fastest way to put product in your member hands. This method is often used by high school teams working on a very tight delivery deadline. A sizing kit can be provided to facilitate the process of sizing members.

My Teams™ – We create a web page specific to your group where members can order and pay individually but obtain the group pricing. My Teams™ pages are established in advance by a coach, captain or other team apparel contact person for the group. Once established, each member is responsible for logging in, placing, and paying for their own individual order before the team selected deadline. After the order deadline date, the page will close and all orders are processed together as a group. Once group processing is complete, orders are split back into individual member orders, bagged and labeled by name for easy distribution or shipping.

Completed orders are then delivered to members based on one of two pre-determined delivery options chosen by the team: Ship to team or ship direct. With ship direct, orders are individually shipped to members and standard shipping rates apply.  With ship to team, orders are distributed by the team apparel contact who agrees to take responsibility for all orders and their distribution. Our larger teams often choose the ship direct option as it can be burdensome to distribute many orders to multiple members at various facilities and/or practice times.  Smaller teams and high schools often choose ship to team for quicker, easier and less expensive distribution.

To facilitate the process of sizing and ordering for members, a My Teams™ web page may be used either in conjunction with a Sylvia’s on-site team fitting for large teams, or with a sizing kit that is provided to the team contact. To join a team, you will need to obtain a Team Code from your team. Once you have this information, you may log in and join the team.

If you have questions regarding fittings, ordering or setting up an online My Teams™ page, please give us a call toll free at 1-800-551-9867 or contact our team division.

Sizing Kits

To assist your team members in quickly outfitting, Sylvia’s offers convenient sizing kits for all items across all major brands. Please give us a call toll free at 1-800-551-9867 or contact our team division to get started.

How it works

Step 1

Choose your team products and confirm their availability with us. Once confirmed, we will ship sizing kits for free to your team representative upon request.

Step 2

Your team representative will be billed at team price for all items in the kit and credited once all items are returned in original condition. Original condition means:
  • Suits have not been in the water or tried on wet.
  • Suits have been tried on over underwear.
  • All original tags and/or product packaging are intact.

Step 3

Teams have two weeks to use size kits to size their team or organization and return kits. Kits not returned within two weeks will be charged a 20% late fee and kits not returned within 30 days are non-returnable. Teams acquiring a sizing kit but not ordering from Sylvia’s will be charged a $250 service fee. Missing or damaged suits will not be credited or further discounted and must be paid for by the team. If you are unable to return a size kit in person please contact us for your free return label.


Explore our website to find products from top manufacturers in the industry. Our web site lists retail prices as well as quantity pricing for multiple unit orders. In addition to these products, we offer an endless assortment of additional items which can be custom printed and/or embroidered. These items may be viewed at Coupled with our in-house design services we can create a new or revised team image that will aid team building and branding as well as get you noticed.

When selecting products, be sure to select a few backup styles. Availability can change quickly during peak seasons – It can be a vital time saver to have backup choices already decided with your members. As another option, with a firm team commitment to purchase, we are willing to pre-purchase and advanced stock product specifically for your team in most cases.

Sponsorship Programs

Many of our team brands reward customer loyalty through sponsorship agreements. These contracts represent a partnership between the customer, brand and Sylvia’s for a certain period. The program advantages vary by brand but typical perks include: Free and/or discounted coaching staff product; discounted technical racing suits; and additional discounts for team apparel and training gear. A sponsorship contract often means another deep discount off Sylvia’s already low team pricing structure.

If you have questions regarding sponsorship programs or benefits please give us a call toll free at 1-800-551-9867 or contact our team division.